Order Routing


On November 17, 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) adopted Rule 11Ac1-6, now Regulation NMS Rule 606 (“Rule 606”), to improve public disclosure of execution and routing practices. The SEC has adopted amendments to Rule 606 to require broker-dealers to provide enhanced disclosure of information regarding the handling of their customers’ orders. The amendments require more meaning meaningful disclosures relevant to today’s marketplace that encourage broker-dealers to provide more effective and competitive order handling and routing services and that also improve the ability of their customers to determine the quality of such broker-dealer services.

606 Order Routing Reports

JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC (“JonesTrading” or the “Firm”) has contracted with vendor, Best Execution Solutions, LLC (“BXS”), to prepare statistical reports pursuant to SEC Rule 606. For the Firm’s quarterly statistical reports in compliance with Rule 606 after Q2 2021, please click here.

For the Firm’s quarterly statistical reports in compliance with Rule 606 from Q1 2020 – Q2 2021 posted via IHS Markit’s public website, please click here.

Prior to 2nd Quarter 2020, JonesTrading prepared its own quarterly statistical reports. Refer to the section below for historical quarterly statistical reports:

2019 Order Routing
Report Period: 4th QTR, 2019
Report Period: 3rd QTR, 2019
Report Period: 2nd QTR, 2019
Report Period: 1st QTR, 2019

2018 Order Routing
Report Period: 4th QTR, 2018
Report Period: 3rd QTR, 2018
Report Period: 2nd QTR, 2018
Report Period: 1st QTR, 2018

2017 Order Routing
Report Period: 4th QTR, 2017
Report Period: 3rd QTR, 2017
Report Period: 2nd QTR, 2017
Report Period: 1st QTR, 2017

Customer Requests for Information on Order Routing:

Upon request, JonesTrading will provide to customers information on the order routing of their orders pursuant to SEC Rules 606(b)(1) and (3). Customers may submit a request for a written copy of the report by emailing compliance@jonestrading.com.

For additional information regarding SEC Rule 606 refer to the following links: