JonesTrading Canada Inc.

JonesTrading Canada Inc. has been in operation since 2009 and is headquartered in Toronto. JonesTrading Canada extends the JonesTrading relationship network model to Canadian institutions.

Mr. Will Stratton

Will Stratton, Vice President and Branch Office Manager

Mr. Stratton, CFA, joined JonesTrading in 2005 from Merrill Lynch Canada and was named Branch Manager of the Toronto office in 2017. He began his career at Merrill Lynch as a research associate and then worked on the institutional equity trading desk.

  • Our network is one of the largest independent sales trader focused platform in the industry.
  • Our sales traders maintain relationships with all major Canadian institutional accounts.
  • We cover traditional asset managers and hedge funds.
  • This diverse pool provides broad opportunities to match buyers and sellers.
  • The client’s intent drives the trade from start to finish.
  • Our sales traders are liquidity experts.
  • We source liquidity not visible on any other platform.
  • We actively dig out the other side, sourcing liquidity in a safe, trusted environment.
  • Clients move large positions while seeking reduced market impact and best execution.
  • An experienced sales trader covers every client, to protect against leakage.
  • We handle large and complex trades, often disadvantaged in algorithms and ECNs.
JonesTrading Canada Inc.
Will Stratton
Vice President, CFA
88 Queens Quay West
Suite 3020
Toronto, ON M5J 0B8