Capital Introduction

Jones Capital Introduction service leverages over 45 years of our long-established global network of strategic investors and relationships.

Our Process

Client Goal: Raise the clients’ profile and increase the fund’s exposure through active outreach to our vast network of investor relationships. JonesTrading takes a very focused approach—recognizing that time is valuable, we will focus on introductions that are deemed to be meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Allocator Goal: Present investment opportunities that meet an investor’s specific needs. If we take the time to understand an investor’s underlying mandates, their risk/return tolerances, and the hedge fund manager profiles they tend to gravitate to, we are much better positioned to present investors ideas that are appropriate.

A value-added service from Jones

JonesTrading Capital Introductions is a value-added service offered to Prime Brokerage, Outsourced Trading, and Electronic Trading clients, with the goal of increasing marketing efficiency and allowing the manager to focus on their investment portfolio and other crucial aspects of their business. We are focused on identifying and understanding the respective goals and mandates of both hedge funds and investors.

Leverage long-established global network of investors, including high net worth individuals, family offices, strategic investors, fund-of-funds, RIAs, outsource CIOs, endowments and foundations, to facilitate meaningful introductions. The team has a proven track record of making successful introductions between our clients and our vast network of investors.

  • 3,000+ Allocator Relationships with a particular focus on Emerging Manager Investors
  • 300+ Investor Calls/Meetings Annually
  • Over 1,000 Targeted Investor Introductions Each Year


Prime Brokerage Integrated platform with front to back office technology solutions, full-service client coverage and operational support, top-tier custody, business consulting and capital introduction services

Outsourced Trading Outsourced Trading offers innovative and unparalleled trade capabilities leading to the opportunity for best execution

Electronic Trading JET is an algorithmic trading suite designed to navigate the market’s high fragmentation and complexity

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Kelly Schroeder
Managing Director
Head of Capital Introduction
312.342.5434 – office