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The Innovation Lab for our Electronic Ecosystem

Algorithms were a commodity and not the least bit interesting but then I met Troy I can now see an exciting opportunity.

–Packy Jones, Executive Chairman, JonesTrading

Our goal is thoughtful approach to liquidity, by understanding our clients’ objectives so that we can design and structure more efficient algorithms.

– Troy Draizen, Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading


Your portfolio, Your Trade, Your Algo

Rooted in Troy Draizen’s advanced training in microbiology, JET is a continuous learning laboratory for trading performance. A Thoughtful Approach to Liquidity, it “particularizes” algos for each client. Through Deep Reinforcement Machine Learning neural networks remember the performance of each order, then refines/adjusts to preserve alpha. Through Constant Innovation, client-driven changes, news or events also evolve the algos. Through the commitment to JonesTrading culture, it Accesses Liquidity Where It Resides.

JET is an ecosystem for our clients to have Algos developed just for them. It also has JET proprietary algos and traditional algos available.

JET Lightning
JET Black
JET Stream

Fair Price

JET and JonesTrading: Why Electronic Trading Now

JET is a fundamentally different way to execute trades electronically. Moving beyond today’s current commoditized algos, JET redefines electronic trading by developing an ecosystem – a hybrid where human intellectual capital and electronic capability merge for optimal trading outcomes.

Questions Frequently Asked

Can you build a particularized strategy for my fund?

Yes, it’s your portfolio, your trade, and we will make it your algo, we will work with you to customize a strategy that fits your ethos and trading objectives.

Do you leverage artificial intelligence / machine learning?

Yes, we leverage Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Can you provide pre and post trade analytics?

Yes, we provide trade analytics to our client from both an internal system and also from a third party to ensure uniformity within the data sets.

What are the asset classes supported?

US Equities and US Options currently available with more to come in future!

What are the OMS/ EMS platforms supported?

All major EMS and OMS systems have the jet algorithmic strategies.

What types of models are clients using?

Clients use all models in which are strategies can help trade their portfolio – ranging from Long Only, L/S, systematic, arbitrage and more.

About Troy Draizen

Troy Draizen is JonesTrading’s Managing Director, Global Head of Electronic Trading in the firm’s New York office. Mr. Draizen has over fifteen years of experience helping clients outperform their trading objectives by delivering electronic trading excellence through customizing next-generation algorithms, and providing data-driven recommendations to support decision-making. Prior to joining JonesTrading, he was a Managing Director at Cowen in Global Equity Trading and previously held Managing Director roles at Convergex and KCG.

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