JonesTrading International Limited

In 2015, JonesTrading International Limited was approved for a variation of permission and opened an office in central London to take advantage of upcoming changes under MiFID II and to provide better cross-border service for both US and European clients of JonesTrading International Limited and JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC.

Mr. Marc Altmann

Marc Altmann, CEO JonesTrading International Limited (London)

Mr. Altmann joined JonesTrading in April 2015 and is CEO/Head of Trading of the JTIL London office. Prior to joining JonesTrading, Mr. Altmann was Head of European Equities at Cantor Fitzgerald, and senior equity trader at Bank of America, BNP Paribas and Credit Lyonnais. Marc started trading in the city of London in 1986 and is approved to hold CF1, CF3 and CF30 licenses.

  • We have been authorised by the FCA since 2002. Our focus is on hiring experienced sales traders with expertise in US, UK, and European equities.
  • We are ideally positioned to take advantage of anticipated changes in how clients pay for execution away from research.
  • We leverage the JonesTrading Group of Companies’ 40 years of experience and network which provides us over 1,500 institutional accounts to source liquidity.
  • We offer our institutional clients real-time market color for the North American and European markets.
  • Simon Pearce has extensive knowledge of technical analysis which gives him a unique position to offer both buy and sell side perspectives.
  • Tabb Group (which ranks JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC consistently as number 1 in block trading within the US) notes that the majority of buy side traders value natural flow above all. Our ability to tap into the US account base of JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC differentiates us from many of our local competitors in Europe.
  • The high touch, relationship based business model the JonesTrading Group of Companies has championed for 40 years sources liquidity through targeted, intelligent calls – while guarding against information leakage and market impact, protecting client intent, and providing the opportunity for the best possible execution.
JonesTrading International Limited
Marc Altmann
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